In application of Bank of Albania’ Regulation No. 42, date 16.07.2008 “On Structure and Usage of International Bank Account Number (IBAN), United Bank of Albania has compiled this internal regulation which should be applied for all the payments carried through SWIFT, AECH and AIPS. 

The purpose of this regulation is to set out the structure of International Bank Account Number  - IBAN, the relationship between the bank and the clients relevant to the generation, capture, recognition and use of IBAN in Albania which identifies in National and International level  the client’s account with a bank. 

The usage of IBAN in Albania is carried out to fulfill the following:

  1.  The automated processing of Bank Accounts Identification by assisting their accomplishment in SWIFT, AECH and AIPS systems.
  2. The unification and standardisation of validation check process of the bank accounts.

Starting from 1st of June 2009, all the bank account numbers of the clients used to carry out transfers, in domestic or foreign currency, through payment systems or correspondent banks will have the IBAN format.

The IBAN in Albania is made out of 28 characters, representing the following components:

  1. AL- The code of Republic of Albania 
  2. Two digits after AL – The IBAN check digit
  3. Bank Identification Code (BIC) – composed of 8 numeric characters that identify the code for each Branch or Agency of the Bank as follows:
  • 20311003 – Head Office Tirana
  • 20311027 – Agency Boulevard - Tirana
  • 20311010 – Agency Tirana No.1
  • 20351102 – Shkodra Branch
  • 20321208 – Fier Branch
  • 20312303 – Durres Branch 
  1. The client’s account is made out of 16  alphanumeric characters

IBAN is represented in the electronic payment instructions without blank spaces or separator symbols between the alphanumeric characters.

IBAN is represented in paper format payment instructions split up in groups of 4 characters separated by a blank space.

For each new account opened in the Bank, the client must be provided with the IBAN code.

Starting from 1st of June 2009 all the Bank’s clients are informed about the IBAN system and their own IBAN for every carrying out or receiving payments in our Bank.

Starting from 1st of January 2010, the IBAN will be the only standard of the account number of a client. After this date, every payment carried out in our bank will be executed only with IBAN number. In cases when the IBAN misses, the bank can refuse to carry out the payment or can keep additional commissions (subject of following regulations). 


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